GeoCivix Digital Submission Portal

Commercial Plan Review Submittals

All commercial plan review submittals must be submitted electronically. Follow the link to the GeoCivix (formerly known as IDT) submissions website at the bottom of this page for instructions. No new paper plans will be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Johnson at 336-727-2328. 

Residential Plan Review Submittals

All residential building permit applications must be submitted electronically. Follow the link to the GeoCivix (formerly known as IDT) submissions website at the bottom of this page for instructions. If you have questions, please contact the Permit Office at 336-727-2624.

The types of single family applications that are available through GeoCivix at this time include:

  • NEW MANUFACTURED HOME (to be place on a private lot or in a mobile home park)

Accessing GeoCivix

To access GeoCivix, you will need to create an account. If you have a GeoCivix account for sign permit submittal or for commercial permit submittal, you will use the same account. To create an account, click on the top right button labeled as “Register”. You will create your own password. As staff works on your submittal, you will receive automated emails. Please be sure your email address is correct, as all notifications will be emailed through GeoCivix to that email address.

Submitting through GeoCivix

Log in and select options from the drop down box. 

Required fields are bold. If you are unsure of what to enter into a field and an entry is required, enter N/A or 0. Upload required documents such as site plans, a Worker’s Compensation Affidavit and Lien Agents at the upload screen. These documents are required to be in the PDF format.

Additional Information

BuildIT and GeoCivix are not the same program. Having a BuildIT account is not the same as having a GeoCivix account. These are two different accounts and require two different log ins. BuildIT is for viewing the permit, viewing inspection comments, scheduling inspections (for contractors only), and reviewing inspection comments. GeoCivix is strictly for plan submittal and plan review. You are able to access review comments made by the reviewers and you are able to view the status of your submittal in GeoCivix. If revisions are necessary, revisions will need to be submitted through GeoCivix.

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