Real Time Crime Center


The mission of the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is to provide a law enforcement agency with the ability to capitalize on a wide and expanding range of technologies for efficient and effective policing. Such efforts allow law enforcement officers to respond quickly, or even immediately, to crimes in progress or to those that recently occurred. The technologies available enable law enforcement to respond to crime events more efficiently, more deliberately, with improved operational intelligence, and with a proactive emphasis on officer, citizen, businesses and community safety.

Camera Registry Program

In partnership with local businesses and residents working together to keep Winston-Salem safe, one feature available in the RTCC is the Camera Registry Program. Through this program, businesses and residents have the option to share the location of their security cameras with the Police Department. Sharing does not mean the department will have access to your camera and there is no additional cost involved with sharing camera locations. The Police Department will not share your information with anyone else, and will only contact you if a crime occurs in your neighborhood. To share your security camera locations with the Winston-Salem Police Department, please visit

Camera Sharing/Integration

Sharing/Integrating your camera system takes community security one step further, helping you get more out of your security camera investment. Camera sharing/integration allows the Winston-Salem Police Department access to your camera feed in case of an emergency near your location. As a partner with the WSPD, you determine what camera feeds to share/integrate and when, it is pre-determined based on your individual preferences. Sharing/Integrating your feed can improve response time and help keep you safer by providing first responders with advanced details of the situation. To share/integrate your cameras, all you need is a small fususCORE device that plugs into your camera system. Once it's set up, it enables camera sharing/integration based on your settings without impacting your network. To purchase a core and learn more about camera sharing/integration, please visit

See Something? Say Something!

With the development of the Real Time Crime Center, the Winston-Salem Police Department encourages citizens to “See Something? Say Something!” Citizens can text tips, to include information, photos and videos, to 336-276-1717.  The text can be anonymous or senders can choose to share their name, email address and location of the crime they are providing information about. This number is not able to receive voice calls and is not manned 24 hours a day. Please remember to use 911 in the event of an emergency. Citizens can submit information as mentioned and may also contact CRIMESTOPPERS at 336-727-2800, regarding a possible reward for the information provided. 

The Real Time Crime Center will be a part of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) under the authority of Assistant Chief J.E. Gomez and Captain A.L. Gauldin. Lieutenant  B.A. Jones is responsible for the daily operations of the RTCC. Please contact the RTCC directly at 336-773-7720 or the CIB Senior Office Assistant at 336-773-7800.

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