Neighborhood Academy

Neighborhood Academy

Neighborhood Academy is a set of free training workshops hosted by the Community Development Department designed to empower residents to become active leaders in or start a neighborhood association. Participants gain an understanding of neighborhood engagement and its empowering influence with the City of Winston-Salem.

These workshops are for those active in neighborhood leadership roles as well as those with a desire to become active. Workshop schedules for 2021 calendar year are as follows:

Neighborhood Academy - 01-28

According to the definition from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP): “In the global context, capacity refers to the ability of individuals and institutions to make and implement decisions and perform functions in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. At the individual level, capacity building refers to the process of changing attitudes and behaviors-imparting knowledge and developing skills while maximizing the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange and ownership. At the institutional level it focuses on the overall organizational performance and functioning capabilities, as well as the ability of an organization to adapt to change. At the systemic level it emphasizes the overall policy framework in which individuals and organizations operate and interact with the external environment.” In this Neighborhood Academy session, we will examine how capacity building, on any level, begins with you!

About the Presenter 

A. Atkinson

Alvin L. Atkinson is the Director of the Initiative for Just & Sustainable Communities (IJSC), the Executive Director of (CCS) at Winston-Salem State University and a nationally recognized expert in university and community collaborations. Alvin was named the Director of the IJSC in February 2016 after serving ten (10) years of serving as the Executive Director of the Center for Community Safety (CCS) at WSSU. As Director of the IJSC, Alvin initiates, facilitates and coordinates the delivery and institutionalization of interdisciplinary action oriented academic programs that enhance university and community collaborations and build commitments to social justice. He is also responsible for the synchronization of scholarship, research, and collaboration with leading practitioners and policy makers at both a local and national level for increasing capacity for all citizens to thrive. Alvin was recruited to join CCS in 2001 after a successful corporate career as Vice President of Wachovia Bank and President & COO of Victory-Masonic Mutual Credit Union. Consequently, since graduating from Davidson College in 1981, he has spent his entire professional career in Winston-Salem.


Neighborhood Academy - 04-15

In this Neighborhood Academy session, we will take a look into what you should expect if the media were to come knocking on your door. Whether it be an event or a crime, you’ll be prepared to answer the questions the reporter has and hopefully bring notice to the issue at hand. At the end of this session, you will know what to expect during the interview and how all that comes together to create the final product you see on the television.

About the Presenter

S. Glasco

Sarah Glasco is a Senior Video Producer/Reporter for the City of Winston-Salem's Marketing and Communications Department. She received her bachelors degree from Appalachian State University and a MBA in Marketing from Liberty University. Sarah has years of experience in the news industry, working as an Assignment Desk Editor and Videographer at Fox 8. She is a native of Mount Airy, North Carolina.