Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Neighborhood Assoc.



Helpful Tips to Organize or Enhance Your Neighborhood Association


  • Set up an association email account – IT’S FREE!
  • Establish a calendar of events – IT’S FREE!
  • Create a website – IT’S FREE! or
  • Send out newsletters (monthly, quarterly, etc.) – IT’S FREE!
  • Create a neighborhood social network – IT’S FREE!
  • Create a neighborhood Facebook page – IT’S FREE!
  • Find “neutral ground” for your neighborhood meetings, such as a neighborhood library or school.
  • Patronize area businesses.
  • Develop a relationship with schools in your neighborhood by assisting with school field days, planting days, etc.
  • Establish a street captain for every street in your neighborhood.
  • Host annual events (fund raisers, picnics, trash clean up, yard sales, etc.).
  • For neighborhoods surrounding a college or university, establish a relationship with the school too help with off campus related issues (student rentals, parking, noise, parties, trash, crime, etc.).
  • Establish a “welcome wagon” to welcome new residents to the neighborhood. Get them involved early on. Be sure to provide them with information about the neighborhood, contact information, important city information and a sanitation schedule.
  • Form an elder care team to assist the elderly in your neighborhood (check in on them, assist with tasks, transportation, roll out carts, take mail and newspaper to the door, etc.).
  • Consider becoming an historic neighborhood if your neighborhood is eligible and the membership endorses the effort.
  • For older neighborhoods without covenants, establish “neighborhood standards” that you expect residents to follow.