Winston-Salem Chief’s Challenge

Catrina A. Thompson

Welcome to the Winston-Salem Chief’s Challenge! At the start of 2021 Chief Catrina Thompson made a decision to start focusing on her health. She began to look at how she could improve her nutrition, add more physical activity to her day, and decrease her overall stress. She started to make strides and lost some weight but knew there was more work to be done. As the Chief worked to improve her overall health, she made the decision to share her journey with a local news station.

The Chief wanted the community as well as her officers to know that she was a human being who understood some of what they were going through. She wanted to exemplify, through her actions, that she was willing to be open about her own issues with her health, so others knew they were not alone.

Local news station Fox8 News featured Chief Thompson’s journey in a special series about the hectic and often stressful duties of being Chief of a large city, a mom and a wife.

After the first episode of the series aired, many people reached out to Chief Thompson thanking her for sharing her journey.  They explained that they could relate to issues dealing with physical, mental and emotional health. It was then that Chief Thompson recognized that she needed to do more to not only show her journey but give support to the community and the officers of WSPD.

That is when the chief reached out to several partners that could help her with innovative ways to infuse the news series with resources that could help the community and WSPD officers. This was how the Winston-Salem Chief’s Challenge was born.

On this page, you’ll find resources that’ll help you with your wellness journey. Check this page and our social media for the latest updates about the challenge! Remember to use #wschiefschallenge on your social posts about your wellness journey!

Feel free to email should you want to send the #wschiefschallenge team comments, ideas or any suggestions you have for this initiative. We are always open to hearing what the community needs when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle.