2018 Bonds

In November 2018, voters approved five bond issues totaling $122 million for 36 capital improvement projects. The total includes:

  • $11.7 million for housing
  • $14.5 million for economic development
  • $21.1 million for public safety
  • $31 million for parks and recreation
  • $43. 7 million for streets and sidewalks

Strategic Focuses

The projects adhere to the strategic focus areas adopted by the Mayor and the City Council. The parks and recreation bonds address the strategic focus of promoting a healthy environment and the housing bonds address the strategic focus on creating livable neighborhoods.

The economic development bonds address the strategic focus on promoting economic vitality and diversity, the bonds for public safety facilities fall under the strategic focus of creating a safe and secure community, and the bonds for streets and sidewalks address the strategic focus on providing quality transportation.

Tracking Bonds

View the Bonds Tracker page to track individual projects. These are best viewed on a desktop or tablet.