Tent Permits

When is a FD Tent Permit Necessary :

If your are erecting a temporary canopy with an area larger than 400 sqft, or tent with area larger than 800 sqft

Exceptions : 

  • Tent used exclusively for recreational camping
  • Tents open on all sides and meet ALL the following qualifications:
  • Individual tent not exceeding size of 1,800 sqft
  • If multiple tents placed side by side without a fire break clearance of at least 12 ft shall not exceed 1,800 sqft
  • Minimum clearance of 12ft
  • Funeral tents and curtains or extensions attached when used for funeral services.

Tent Permit Process:

Submit the following documentation to plans@cityofws.org 

Once the required documents and payment have been received, you will receive the contact for your Fire Inspector to schedule the inspection at your convenience.

Other permits and/or inspections may be required based upon use of the tent(s). Examples could include an electrical permit for lighting and other power supplied to the tent, or a mechanical permit for heating, cooling and/or cooking.

These general Fire and Life Safety Requirements based on the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code must be followed:

  • Exit sign(s) must be illuminated
  • Emergency light(s)
  • Provide Certification of Flame Resistance
  • Portable fire extinguisher(s)
  • Minimum of two exits
  • No Smoking sign(s)
  • Other requirements may apply based on the use and size of the tent.

Violation of any of these provisions, additional provisions on the permit itself and/or codes that apply, shall revoke the permit.

Please contact the Fire Marshal's Office (336-734-1290) inspect@cityofwsfire.org as soon as you are planning to use a tent for your event.