Blasting Permit

General Guidelines for Blasting

A blasting permit is required prior to use of any blasting materials.

Inspection can be requested here

The following guidelines and general requirements apply for the storage, handling and denotation of blasting materials, in accordance with the N.C. Fire Prevention Code:

  • Warning signs must be posted 1000 feet away from blasting site if electric detonators are used.
  • Sign must contain warning to turn off portable radios.
  • Adequate security must be maintained, and spectators kept at least 250 feet away, or more, if deemed necessary from blasting site.
  • Allow "NO SMOKING" at blasting site or at explosives storage area.
  • If explosives are stored on site, they must be stored in approved magazine with proper clearance.
  • ALL blasting holes must be covered with blasting mats.
  • Blasting may NOT be done on holidays or weekends.
  • Notify public utility representatives at least 24 hours before blasting, specifying location and time of such blasting, if blasting is in vicinity of public utility equipment.
  • Seismographic readings must be taken during blasting.
  • Notify surrounding businesses and residences about blasting before beginning blasting activities.
  • Current Insurance Certificate on file with the Winston-Salem Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Traffic must be stopped on surrounding streets during blasting.
  • NO above-ground blasting (such as rock, boulders, etc.)
  • Blasting is permitted between the hours of  8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ONLY


NOTE: Other requirements will apply based on the location, size of the job site, provisions of applicable codes and the code official.