Open Flame Permit - Hot Works

General Guidelines

A Fire permit is required prior to use of any operation of a flame-producing device or event

  1. Maintain a 3A/40 BC rated portable fire extinguisher on-site with a Trained Operator.
  2. Adequate safety precautions shall be taken to prevent the ignition of combustible materials or injury to persons in the work area.
  3. Maintain a Safety Officer to ensure the overall scene safety.
  4. Fuel shall be in approved containers, sealed, and stored in a safe manner.
  5. All requirements and safety conditions of Chapter 26 of the NC Fire Code must be followed.
  6. Hot work can ONLY be conducted in areas approved and listed on permit.
  7. Immediately call 911 for any and all fires.
  8. Notify the fire department before making any changes to previously agreed upon requirements.
  9. Personnel must be stationed at the sprinkler valve with valve key to turn on in case of any fires. This person must have some type of communication device for notification (if applicable.)
  10. ALL hot work must stop at 4:00 p.m.
  11. Hot work authorized for Monday thru Friday only; no hot work to be done on weekends or holidays.
  12. Fire Watch form must be filled out and completed every day.
  13. All completed Fire Watch forms must be kept so they can be inspected by WSFD personnel at any time.
  14. No hot work shall be conducted after dark.

NOTE: Other requirements will apply based on the location, size of the job site, provisions of applicable codes and the code official.

Inspection can be requested HERE