Comprehensive Planning and Community Character Staff

  1. Kelly Bennett

    Kelly Bennett

    CPACC Principal Planner, AICP

  1. Tiffany White

    Tiffany White

    CPACC Principal Planner, CNU-A

  1. Michelle McCullough

    Michelle McCullough

    Historic Resources Project Planner

  1. Heather Bratland

    Heather Bratland

    Historic Resources Project Planner

  1. Steve Smotherman

    Steve Smotherman

    Development Trends Project Planner, AICP

  1. Dan Rankin

    Dan Rankin

    Design Project Planner

  1. Matthew Burczyk

    Matthew Burczyk

    Housing Project Planner

  1. Erica Palmiter

    Erica Palmiter

    Public Art Project Planner

  1. Sarah Keeley

    Sarah Keeley

    Environmental Project Planner

  1. Dan Roberts (JPEG)

    Dan Roberts

    Project Planner

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