File a Police Report Online

Welcome to the online reporting portal. If you have been a victim of certain incidents and the details of your event meet certain criteria, this portal will allow you to self-report the incident. Not all incidents are able to be reported online. If this is an emergency, or the event is currently happening, please STOP and dial 911 instead of using the online reporting system. To use this system, the following must apply:

  • The incident must have occurred inside the city limits of Winston-Salem.
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • No one was injured, and NO weapons were involved.
  • A valid return email address is required in order to file an online report.

To report a lost/stolen firearm please call (336) 773-7700

Note: Filing a false report to law enforcement agencies and officers is a crime.  See N.C.G.S. 14-225. The Winston-Salem Police Department will follow up on any false, misleading, or unfounded reports through this website.

What information should I include when filing my report?
If there is a possible suspect description, please add that information to the narrative section. Please provide as much information as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, first, middle, last name, date of birth, race, sex, height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothing worn at time of incident, address, and telephone number. 

What if I want to seek prosecution?
If the reporting party intends to respond to the Magistrate’s Office to seek prosecution, please take all pertinent information with you. The Magistrates do not have access to this site.

What incidents should I report using the online reporting system?

  • Communicating Threats
  • Court Ordered Custody Agreement Violations (civil custody orders are not criminal offenses.)
  • Fraud
  • Harassment
  • Identity Theft
  • Littering
  • Lost Property
  • Neighborhood Dispute
  • Shoplifting (Not in Custody)
  • Supplemental Report
  • Theft from Motor Vehicle
  • Theft of Property
  • Traffic Complaint
  • Trespass
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Tampering

What happens after I submit an online report?
After you file your report, you will receive an automated email that will include a copy of your report and a temporary case number. This is not the official copy of your report. Once submitted, your report will be reviewed and one of the following will occur:

  • If completed correctly, your report will be approved within 72 hours and a permanent case number will be assigned. 
  • If not completed correctly or more information is needed, you will be asked by email or phone to provide additional information before the report can be processed.
  • If needed, your report will be forwarded to an investigator for additional follow up before approval.
  • If your report does not meet the online reporting criteria, it will be rejected by email as ineligible for online reporting. You will be asked to contact WSPD to request a response from an officer.

Reports requiring additional information or referred to an investigator may take longer than 72 hours to approve.