Spiritual Organizations

In an effort to increase awareness and preparedness within our communities, we are reaching out to our religious organizations. Emergency planning and preparedness is essential for all individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies. As a guide to disaster preparedness, we have made available Steps for Developing a Plan  and the Church Disaster Preparedness Checklist (PDF).

We encourage local spiritual organizations to use these guides as a tool to increase your level of preparedness.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Storm Ready

Preparedness & Public Education

As the Office of Emergency Management focuses on protecting the citizens and property of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County during various emergency situations, numerous issues must be considered, along with thoughtful preparations for response. Maintaining up-to-date resources for emergency utilization, conducting training classes, and working with schools and businesses to establish emergency contingency plans are just a few of the logistical and educational responsibilities assumed by the department.

Distributing Information

Distribution of information to the public through media sources such as Cityline, the Winston-Salem Journal's City Page and WSTV 13, the government channel, continues to be an important means of keeping citizens abreast of the issues that are relevant to them. Other special events and activities, such as the ones occurring during the annual Severe Weather Awareness Week, help to inform citizens about possible dangers and hazards while encouraging emergency preparedness and readiness.

Ready to Provide Assistance

Emergency Management stands ready to provide assistance to organizations and individuals when emergency preparedness expertise is needed. Through individual assistance, on-site inspections and a large array of reference material, citizens and organizations can take advantage of the latest information available regarding emergency preparedness. Involvement of Emergency Management representatives in safety meetings and seminars at local businesses, industry and organizations is also highly recommended.

Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Be Involved Ready North Carolina

Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 336-661-6440 for assistance in preparing an emergency action plan for you and your family, before the next disaster strikes. Emergency preparedness brochures are available upon request.