Get Ready Forsyth County

It is each individual's responsibility to prepare for an emergency or disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Stronger Community

The more prepared we are, by getting an emergency response kit, making an emergency plan, and training for some type of skill such as CPR, the stronger we will all be as a community in the event of a disaster. You can take the opportunity now to prepare for an emergency, or you can choose to ignore your responsibilities and get caught without:

  • Eye glasses
  • Flashlight
  • Food
  • Gas for your vehicle
  • Insurance documents
  • Medicine
  • Water
  • Way to get in touch with your family members
  • Etc.


Preparing for an emergency includes your home, business or work location, places of worships and schools. Please remember preparations for your pets when planning as well.

Preparedness goes beyond fire alarms, smoke detectors, deal-bolt locks and extra food in the pantry.