Community Restoration

Commercial Property Improvement

The City has initiatives that create and retain job opportunities in our community and neighborhoods. These programs help develop businesses and revitalize property which in turn augments the city tax base.

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA)

NRSA Building Rehabilitation Program provides financial assistance to commercial and industrial property owners for building rehabilitation and site improvements within distressed areas. These programs are available in the city's designated NRSA. Please review the NRSA Map (PDF) to see if your business or property is located in the assistance area. To learn more, please visit the NRSA Building Rehabilitation Program.

Rehabilitated Two-Story House

860 W Fourth Street was rehabilitated in part through the NRSA Building Improvement Program.

Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas (RUCA) Program

RUCA provides funding to property owners for the rehabilitation and improvement of commercial districts in specific distressed urban areas of the City. To learn more, please visit the RUCA Program.