Revitalizing Urban Commercial Area Program

Phase I

At the request of the City Council in 2006, Planning staff looked at struggling urban commercial areas throughout the city, known as Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas (RUCAs) (PDF) See the Phase I Projects (PDF). Staff prepared recommendations for public improvements, regulatory changes, and financial incentives to help revive these areas. The City Council committed 1.5 million dollars for the improvement of these locations. This RUCA assistance focused on public and private site improvements.

A RUCA Study (PDF) prepared for the Council identified 12 (now 18) potential priority areas for assistance. The city selected three areas for the first round of assistance:

  • Liberty Street / 14th Street
  • Washington Park / Acadia neighborhood
  • Waughtown Street / Thomasville Road intersection

The city partnered with 20 businesses willing to make improvements to their properties.

Phase II

The City Council approved a second round of funding for 18 areas through a Phase II RUCA Program (DOC). The city selected five RUCA areas and identified businesses in those areas are eligible for project assistance. This assistance may be in the form of a low-interest loan or matching forgivable loan.

The IRS has determined that any portion of a loan forgiven may be counted as income to the borrower and be subject to income taxes. Please refer to a tax professional to determine your income tax liability for any loan that is forgiven.

Additional Information

At this time no new areas or new projects can apply. Read the RUCA Handbook (PDF). A copy of the Request for Proposals (RFP) (DOC) is available. If you have questions about the RUCA Program, call Ruben Gonzales for more information at 336-747-7474.

Brick Home on Liberty Street Before RevitalizationBrick Home on Liberty Street After Revitalization
The property at 1713 N Liberty Street was revitalized in part by the use of the RUCA Program.