Minority / Women’s Business

Coming Soon: New Vendor Registration portal 

The City of Winston-Salem is pleased to announce our new vendor registration portal within the B2GNow Diversity Management System. The City of Winston-Salem will change the vendor registration process.  The new process will allow vendors to register with the City of Winston-Salem electronically and simultaneously become marketable to prime contractors searching for vendors to participate in contract work.  

The estimated go live is December 4, 2024.


Any new vendor registration applications must be submitted electronically to be registered with the City of Winston-Salem, even if they have already submitted information to our Vendor Listing system previously. Additionally, this will ensure that the business's listing contains the most recent information.

If you have never created a login for B2Gnow, follow the steps below:

  1. Vendors can access the system by following the link: https://cityofws.gob2g.com/  
  2. Click on the ‘Register as a Vendor’ link. This button will not be on our portal until the registration is “LIVE”.   
  3. The first step in applying to register with the City of Winston-Salem is to request a temporary password from the system. Once you have your temporary password, you can go directly into the system. 
  4. First, change your temporary password for security purposes.
  5. Follow the instruction guide to complete your application. 
  6. After you have finished navigating the system, individuals can register to attend one of the training classes.  B2Gnow conducts vendor registration training classes twice a month.
  7. An email notification will be sent once the application is reviewed and approved. Please allow 5 business days for the application to be reviewed. If an email notification isn’t received after 5 business days, please email us at cityofws@gob2g.com



Learn how to fully utilize our system with a live trainer


Introduction to the System for vendors training dates are below: 


  • 11/10/2023



For questions regarding this process, please send an email inquiry to cityofws@gob2g.com.

 City of Winston-Salem New Diversity Management System


The City of Winston-Salem is pleased to announce a new contract compliance management program. The web-based software system is accessible to all city departments, prime contractors, and the public; and includes the following key features:


•          Communication with contractors via email, regarding M/WBE compliance

•          Submission of contractors' monthly utilization reports online, and automated tracking of their progress (or lack thereof) towards meeting the M/WBE contractual requirements.

•          Automatic verification of payment notices

•          M/WBE outreach notifications


 Starting Monday, October 16, 2023, The City of Winston-Salem will require all Primes and Subcontractors to utilize the new Diversity Management System to report monthly payments on all active contracts. This includes payments to subcontractors who are certified (counted for-credit) and non-certified on your active contracts.


Before Go-Live Checklist

Our team has outlined a checklist for procurement users for a seamless transition:

Access Training Materials- If you are not familiar with the B2Gnow system, please make sure you RSVP for one of the free webinars that are offered weekly for all Vendors to ensure you know how to report correctly and accurately within the B2Gnow system. You can locate these training classes right from the Diversity Management portal by entering https://cityofws.gob2g.com/ in your browser. Topics will include Introduction to the System - Vendor training, Utilization Plans, Online Certification Application, Contract Compliance,           

              and Online Vendor Registration. 

Accessing the B2Gnow System- Please note, you may already have a login for this system, as the B2Gnow system is used by other agencies you may already do business with. If you do, your username and password will be the same for the login. If you already know your login credentials, please click here to login. If you are looking for an existing account for your company or a user account for yourself, please perform an Account Lookup

After First Time Login- Select your profile settings and ensure your contact information is correct and up to date. Please ensure your address, email address and correct contact users are added to the system. This will ensure you get your monthly reporting notices timely, and the City of Winston-Salem staff can easily contact you.


The City of Winston-Salem is requiring all Contractors to respond within 30 days for each audit period. If you have any technical questions, while setting up your login, responding to audits, please contact B2Gnow Customer Support.

System Support :Customer Service Technical Support General Inquiries


Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program

The purpose of the M/WBE Program is to: 

  1. Formally communicate the City’s policy regarding non-discrimination in its procurement practices.
  2. Provide to the fullest extent possible, consistent with sound management practices, and state and federal laws, opportunities for participation by firms owned and controlled by minorities and women.

To locate certified minority and women-owned businesses in the Winston-Salem area, go to our Resources Page. To learn about upcoming bids and other important business opportunities, please visit the Working with the City of Winston-Salem Page Picture of Services

Examples of Goods & Services

The City of Winston-Salem actively seeks and identifies qualified M/WBEs to offer the opportunity to participate as providers of goods and services to our various departments. The City of Winston-Salem is committed to spending funds within the local economy to show its support of M/WBEs. The City of Winston-Salem accomplishes this by requiring local vendors to be used, if available, for all discretionary spending under $20,000. Local M/WBE vendors must also be given the opportunity to bid/propose on the project. Here are some examples of the varying types of goods and services the City purchases.