Downtown Streetscape Plan

Corner in Downtown Winston-Salem


The Downtown Winston-Salem Streetscape Master Plan was adopted by City Council on October 5, 2020.

View the plan Downtown Winston-Salem Streetscape Masterplan (PDF).

Project Information

The planning process is underway for the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan. The City has hired MIG, Inc. to develop the plan along with design standards. The plan and design standards will establish an intentional design aesthetic for the Downtown in its entirety to remedy the current "hodgepodge" appearance of Downtown streets.

A number of municipalities, statewide and throughout the southeast, have developed downtown streetscape master plans and standards as a means of creating a brand identity for their urban cores and establishing consistency between public and private investments, while still allowing for the unique elements that set each downtown apart from the others. As part of the 2013 Downtown Plan, the development of a Downtown streetscape design standard and implementation of streetscape improvements following that standard was recommended to ensure a functional and attractive pedestrian environment. The Legacy 2030 comprehensive plan further recommends as a policy the encouragement of designs that promote pedestrian-friendly streetscapes in Downtown and the Center City.

View the Downtown Streetscape Study Report (PDF) and the Original Downtown Streetscape Study (PDF).

Project Boundary

The general boundary for the master plan is Eighth Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the north, Patterson Avenue to the east, Business 40 to the south, and Broad Street to the west.

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, the West End Historic Neighborhood, and the Holly Avenue Historic Neighborhood are excluded from the Master Plan.

Downtown Streetscape Project Boundary Map