Every Butt Hurts

Keep Your Butt In the CarLittering

Cigarette butts contain artificial fibers that are not biodegradable and harbor toxic chemicals. Every cigarette butt thrown on the ground stays there until someone picks it up! Dropping cigarette butts to the ground, putting them in planters, and tossing them into the street is littering.

In the past decade, cigarette smoking in America has decreased 28 percent, yet cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and across the globe.

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Ashtrays are available by contacting CityLink at 311 or 336-727-8000.

Pocket Ashtrays

Pocket ashtrays have a metal liner and a sliding cover that shuts securely to prevent spills in your pocket or purse. Keep your butts where they belong with a free pocket ashtray and cup-holder ashtray available from Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful.

Cupholder Ashtrays

Cupholder ashtrays have lids to prevent ashes from escaping. Two styles are available. Not a smoker? Get one for the smoker you know!

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