Tier II Chemical Reporting

Tier II Submission

Facilities that use or store hazardous chemicals (above a certain threshold) must report their chemical inventory annually. These inventories are used by first responders and other authorities, and by having the inventories available online, access is much quicker and the information is more up-to-date. Changes and/or updates can be made online by companies as needed, without waiting for the next year's report to be filed. A fee will be charged to submit your Tier II Report on E-Plan.

Tier II Reports must be completed online with E-Plan. Paper copies will no longer be accepted. Once your Tier II submission has been made online, paper copies will not need to be mailed.

New Fee

The North Carolina General Assembly established a new fee for hazardous materials facilities in the 2014 budget. This fee will be charged when you submit Tier II Reports which are due January 1 through March 31. Fee receipts will support the seven Regional Response Teams that respond to hazardous materials, management of the Tier II reporting system in North Carolina, and provide for grants to local governments for hazardous materials emergency planning and preparedness.

Working Process

Facilities required to submit annual Tier II reports will need to:

  1. Enter and submit your facility data using the E-Plan system as you have in the past
  2. Once your facility and chemical information has been validated, the system will calculate the total fee and direct you to an online payment page.
  3. NCEM will accept Visa, MasterCard, and electronic checks for Tier II reporting fees.
  4. Once the payment process has been successfully completed, you will be directed back to E-Plan to finalize and submit your annual Tier II report.

Tier II Fees

Fees include:

  • $50 per Hazardous Substance
  • $90 per Extremely Hazardous Substance
  • There is a $5,000 maximum annual fee per person (including corporations, etc.)

Exemptions from Fees

Those exempt from the fees include:

  • Local, state, and federal government facilities
  • Motor vehicle dealers as defined by G.S. 20-286(11)
  • Non-profit corporations
  • Owners and operators of commercial fuel stations (for motor fuels offered for retail sale only)
  • Owners and operators of family farm enterprises

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