The 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) has been adopted and will become effective November 1. Exception- for one- and two-family dwellings will still comply with 2017 NEC.  All other electrical permits obtained after 11:59pm on October 31, 2021 must comply with the new 2020 NEC. The only exceptions are electrical permits purchased November 1, 2021 or after that are tied to a parent building permit that was secured before November 1, 2021. To repeat, in order to be able to use the 2017 NEC for wiring, except for one and two family dwellings, the electrical permit must be purchased before October 1, 2021 or the electrical permit MUST be tied to a building permit issued before midnight on October 31, 2021 – NO EXCEPTIONS!

BuildIT Online Permit System

Open the BuildIT Online Permitting System, and access Instructions for Using BuildIT (PDF).

BuildIT Online Permitting System

The Inspections Division of the Planning and Development Services Department activated in February 2017 a new online permitting system called BuildIT. A map-based solution, BuildIT offers more flexibility and ease-of-use than the previous online system, InspectNet. Please note that:

  • BuildIT cannot be used to apply for a building (construction) permit.
  • BuildIT allows licensed contractors to apply for trade permits (Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical/HVAC).

Access Levels

The system allows two levels of access: Guest and Contractor.

  1. Guests
  2. Contractors

Guest Access Level Functions

Anyone may access the BuildIT system as a guest without creating a login/account. Guest access allows you to:

  • Make payments by credit card on any permit
  • Search for permits
  • View inspection comments
  • View the status of a permit
  • View the status of a plan review

Guests are not able to schedule inspections or apply for trade permits.