We provide a wide range of services, including the design and/or coordination of water and sewer projects, streets and sidewalks, buildings, and other capital improvements. Engineering is responsible for acquiring, selling, and managing city properties, as well as inspecting privately constructed street and utility projects to ensure compliance with city standards and providing information and guidance to private developers.

Our goal is to make use of technology in order to make our services more efficient and convenient to you.

  1. Bond Projects

    Check the progress of bond projects voters approved in 2014 and 2018. Track Projects


administration_staticPlans & Specifications for Bidders

Providing for the leadership, planning and fiscal stewardship to the Municipal Engineering Division.

field_office_staticProject Updates

Responsible for the construction inspections of new developments, greenways, sidewalk, streets, sewer and water. They also provide surveying for design, construction staking, and record drawings.


Engineering Administration

  1. Wes Kimbrell, P.E.

    Civil Engineering Field Manager

  1. Sarah Maness

    Administrative Assistant

  1. Donna Beck

    Senior Special Projects Coordinator

  1. Charles Hendrick, P.L.S.

    Civil Engineering Financial Manager

  1. Deana Lindley

    Senior Engineering Technician

  1. Sandra Walls

    Senior Engineering Technician

  1. Alan Temple

    Civil Engineering Design Supervisor

  1. Shahzaib Bangash

    Senior Civil Engineer

Engineering Records Center

  1. Tiffany Ladd

    Civil Engineering Coordinator

  1. Jamie Canty

    Senior Engineering Technician

  1. Diana Canales

    Engineering Technician

  1. Brenda McRae

    Engineering Technician

Engineering Field Office - Inspectors

  1. Erick Smith

    Construction Inspector Supervisor

  1. Bill Curlings

    Constructor Inspector

  1. Steven Harper

    Construction Inspector

  1. Jamie Nelson

    Construction Inspector

  1. Dennis Summers

    Construction Inspector

  1. Toby Tilley

    Construction Inspector

  1. Richard Viola

    Construction Inspector

  1. Greg VonCannon

    Construction Inspector

Engineering Field Office - Surveyors

  1. Micah Dishman

    Survey Party Chief

  1. Chris Wall, P.L.S

    City Surveyor

  1. Marck Medder

    Survey Party Chief

  1. Jimmy Stewart

    Survey Party Chief

  1. Harold Wright

    Survey Worker

Real Estate

  1. Travis Cockerham

    Real Estate Administrator

  1. Teri Wilcox

    Accounting Technician

  1. Melissa Cliver

    Senior Office Assistant

  1. Carrie Nimmo

    Accounting Technician