Mission & Vision


The mission of the Winston-Salem Police Department is to protect life and property by providing exceptional police services to our community in partnership with the citizens of Winston-Salem.


The vision of the Winston-Salem Police Department is to become a model agency in its use of innovative technology to supplement quality police work to help solve and deter crime and to create more efficient processes and increase officer safety. We will embody the spirit of community policing to foster meaningful community connections and combat social drivers of crime. We will attract and retain people who have a heart for service and collaboration. Finally, we will be dedicated to the career development of our employees so that they will be equipped to succeed in the highest levels of leadership within the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Core Values

We will achieve our mission through the consistent application of our core values:

  • Leadership: Individual and Agency - Individual development to transform our agency into a national model for law enforcement
  • Transparency - Accountability through open and effective communication
  • Professionalism - Exceptional police services through strength, compassion, and confidence
  • Commitment - Commitment to our agency and the community it serves
  • Integrity - Unquestionable trustworthiness through fair and just application of the law
  • Public Service - Partnering with our community to provide unparalleled service and safety