Active Shooter

Any day that we report to work or to school or a shopping mall it may seem like a regular day to us. What we don't know is what other life experiences or issues others may be facing. Being aware and having an exit plan are key to survival in many situations.

An active shooter event is an event that can happen quickly and is rapidly evolving. These events are also unpredictable. Remember that law enforcement is not there to evacuate or to tend to the injured. They are there to locate and stop the shooter. Know that medical services are on the way.

The City of Houston, Texas has put together an informational video that talks about active shooter events and ways to survive. Having a plan and being prepared will depend on your chances of survival. They point out three key items to survival. They are run, hide, and fight.


  • Escape the building and encourage others to go with you.
  • Leave personal belonging behind, you are more important.
  • Once outside, try to prevent others from walking into harm's way, and call 911.


  • If you are unable to escape, hide.
  • Secure your hiding place by locking the doors.
  • Turn off the lights and cell phones.
  • If unable to get into a locked room, hide behind large objects
    • Hiding places should not restrict your movement.
    • Be out of view of the shooter.
    • Protect yourself from shots fired in your direction.


  • As a last resort take the shooter down.
  • Act with aggression and use improvised weapons.

When Law Enforcement Arrive

  • Remain Calm.
  • Keep your hands where they can be seen and follow all instructions.
  • Avoid screaming and pointing.
  • Remember that help is on the way for the injured.

Please visit Ready Houston's website to watch the Run, Hide, Fight video.