Brush Collection

Brushmap Quad Two


Collection will be done one quadrant at a time starting with quadrant one and working in a clockwise direction. The map above shows the progress of brush collections. Crews are currently working in quadrant two.

Requirements & Placement

Brush must not exceed 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length. Brush should be big enough to be collected with a pitchfork. Brush must be placed neatly at the curb with all limbs facing the same direction in an accessible area.

Brush Not Collected by the City

Commercially cut brush; brush cut from vacant lots or from businesses or apartments; brush mixed with other materials such as garbage, junk or household trash; brush that does not meet the size requirements, i.e. stumps; brush placed in inaccessible areas, i.e. under wires, tree branches or blocked by vehicles.

Collection Schedule

  • January 1 through October 31: Collection usually takes 21 days or less. Collection may take more than 21 days if there is heavy brush volume, such as after a storm.
  • November 1 through January 15: Brush collection is limited because of loose leaf collection. However, small branches, sticks and shrubbery clippings placed in yard carts with a valid collection sticker will be collected weekly on your regular yard cart collection day. No excess brush loads will be collected during leaf season.

To effectively locate what quadrant you live in, we recommend downloading the quadrant map (PDF) and viewing it in a PDF viewer.