Leaf Routes

Leaf Collection season will start Monday, October 30th this year, but staff now have the approval to start as soon as the leaves begin to fall, which can be earlier if needed. The collection will run through January, or as long as it takes to make (3) passes through each quadrant.

Change in the collection process.

  • This year, the leaf collection will start in quadrants (1) and (2) at the same time, which is different from previous years when collection was done in one quadrant at a time. The collection process will rotate clockwise from quadrant to quadrant, but as stated (2) quadrants at a time. Therefore, both quadrants (3) and (4) will be collected at the same time as well after completing quadrants (1) and (2).
  • Property owners can search the City of Winston Salem website “Online Address Search”.

    Sanitation | City of Winston-Salem, NC (cityofws.org)

    Do not pile storm drains with vegetative debris. A blocked storm drain can cause dangerous flooding in the roadway. If you see a blocked storm drain report it by calling 311.

  • Contact Us If you have questions about Leaf Collection, please contact City Link 311 (336-727-8000

See INSTRUCTIONS for how to use locator map. 

View GUIDELINES tab for steps on how to prepare your leaves for pick-up. 

Use MAP tab to see the quadrants. 

  1. Instructions
  2. Guidelines
  3. Map
  1. Choose the map for leaf pick-up routes by selecting the boxes down the left side of the map.

  2. Enter your address, using only your house number and name of your road. The search won’t work if you add street, drive, road etc. Example: If you live at 555 Broadway Avenue, you will enter “555 Broadway.”

  3. Click the magnifying glass to the right of your address to view map of your neighborhood that shows your house and a box with information on your leaf pick up collections. Note: leaf collections are determined by the quadrant assigned to you by the city. The first number of your route is your quadrant.  Example: 20C is quadrant 2. The box will also give you the date for your 2023 bulky item pick-up.

  4. To see a color-coded map showing active, complete, pending and inactive routes for leaf pick-up across the city, click the minus sign to the left of your address. Continue clicking until you see the color-coded maps for the four city quadrants.