Meadowlark Drive Construction

Summary of Developments

The following is a brief summary of developments that have taken place on the Meadowlark Drive project since July 2018.

Project Construction Status

The City's Purchasing Department opened bids for the Meadowlark Drive project on July 18th, 2018. Bids were submitted from three contractors, all of which substantially exceeded the budget appropriated for the project. A contributing factor to the high bids received is the substantial number of projects currently under construction such as Business 40 and the eastern section of the beltway, and the shortage of contractors available to undertake additional work.

The City did attempt to negotiate with the low bidder and ultimately decided to reject all bids. Additional funding options are currently being pursued for the project while other work related to the project, such as property acquisition and utility relocations, continues.

City Council Approval

City Council has approved a contract with Duke Energy to have the power poles relocated. The Council also approved the acquisition of property that will be required to widen the road. The City also continues to work with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System to coordinate this project with the traffic improvements they plan on making for the Meadowlark Schools and other long range plans affecting attendance at this location.

Bid Documents

Meadowlark Drive Construction Plans Revised 9/14/2020 (PDF)

Meadowlark Drive Proposal 2020 (PDF)

PNG Meadowlark Drive Relocation Plans 2020 (PDF)


Meadowlark Drive Test Hole Report (PDF)

Meadowlark Drive Pavement Sections (PDF)

Meadowlark Drive Geotech Report (PDF)