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Recyclable Materials

What can be recycled and what is not allowed? See the list or fill out this form with specific details!

Recycle Often, Recycle Right 

Come back to the basics of recycling. By increasing the amount of paper, cans, and bottles that go into the recycling cart and decreasing contamination (items that cannot be recycled), we can make a huge difference. Visit the Recycle Often, Recycle Right website.

Fiscal Year 2018 - 2019 Recycling Achievements

Thank you for recycling 13,045 tons in the 2018 - 2019 fiscal year. Thanks to your efforts, the following amounts have been recycled:

  • 391 tons of Aluminum/Steel Cans
  • 846 tons of Plastic Bottles
  • 4,518 tons of Glass Jars/Bottles
  • 7,290 tons of Paper Products+

Recycling Exemption Form

Do you have a physical or other limitation that prevents compliance with the recycling rollout collection program? You can fill out the form below to apply for backyard collection of your recycling bin.

Garbage and Recycling Exemption Form (Online Form) 

Recycling Exemption Form (pdf)

Questions About Recycling

Do you know of a group that has questions about recycling or wants to learn more about it? You can set up a presentation with the Recycle Today Coordinator, Derek Owens. Email Derek Owens or call at 336-747-6970.

Learn more about rollout recycling - you can find guidelines for using your recycling cart with the automated collection trucks, benefits of it, about why you can't put plastic bags in your blue bins, and other useful information.