What Can I Recycle?

You can search for any item that you want to know disposal rules for through the Wizard tab on the Winston-Salem Collects tool. This tool can also be downloaded as an app to your phone.

Recyclable Materials Infographic (PNG)

The Spanish language version of these guidelines are also available for download.

Place all recyclable materials in your blue rollout recycling cart. No sorting is necessary. All recyclable materials must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. Retain excess materials for the following collection, or take to a recycling drop-off station. Do not put plastic bags in the blue rollout carts.

Only recyclable materials should be placed in the recycling cart. Trash and garbage go in the garbage cart to go to the landfill. Taxpayers bear the expense of having to sort out unacceptable materials and have them hauled to the landfill.

Some important rules to remember:

  • Don’t put plastic bags in your bins - take them back to your grocery store
  • Caps can remain on plastic bottles
  • Remove caps/lids from glass containers
  • Aluminum cans can be crushed, but don’t need to be
  • Keep textiles like clothing and diapers out of the recycle bin

If you have questions about any other rules, find the answers on the FAQs page.