City Manager

Winston-Salem operates under a council-manager form of government, as do other large cities in North Carolina. Under this form of government, the city council determines city policies. The city manager is hired by the city council to put those policies into action and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the city.


This form of government allows city residents, through the city council, to control the direction of city government while ensuring professional administration of city functions. This hierarchy is illustrated by the organization chart for city government. At the top are the citizens of Winston-Salem who elect the mayor and the city council. The city council hires the city manager and the city attorney. All other city employees are hired by the city manager. 

Some city departments report directly to the city manager. Others are placed under the supervision of the assistant city managers.

2019 Federal & State Legislative Priorities

In January 2019 the Mayor and City Council adopted a list of legislative priorities at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, these priorities reflect positions that the city supports on a wide variety of issues. The city’s representative in Washington, D.C., will share these priorities with our senators and congresswoman.

The state legislative priorities pertain to local goals that require the approval of the General Assembly. Bills to authorize these goals have been drafted and sent to the legislators who represent Winston-Salem in the hope that they will be introduced and passed during the current session of the General Assembly.