Our mission is to restore, protect, and preserve the surface waters within the City of Winston-Salem and to maintain, repair, map, and evaluate drainage systems within the street right-of-way.

Stormwater Pollution Hotline

The storm sewer system was designed to remove rainwater quickly from city streets to prevent flooding our yards and roadways. Anything that goes into a storm drain goes directly through a large pipe to the closest creek or stream. So keep yard waste, used motor oil, pet waste, litter, or any soap/chemical from entering the storm drain system. 

We need your help! Please report anyone you spot putting anything which should not go into a storm drain by calling the Stormwater Pollution Hotline at 336-727-8000 or CityLink 311. In addition, please report any creek or stream that has an unusual smell or appearance!

What's a Creek Crawl All About?

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