Advisory Boards & Commissions

The remote participation ordinance amendment, and companion CARF, was approved by City Council on June 21, 2022. The ordinance amendment allows: 

(1) individual members of boards and commissions to participate, remotely, in their board and commission meetings if there are scheduling conflicts that make in-person participation impracticable, and 

(2) boards and commissions, by majority vote in-person, to continue, as a body, with remote meetings irrespective of the State of Emergency or the status of such, except for hearings and case reviews, which must be conducted in person, unless all parties consent to the same being conducted remotely. Although the ordinance amendment does not require in-person hearings for WSTA or the TAC, both bodies may elect to conduct hearings (and such other meetings) in person. 

It would be good for the board or commission to include it is motion or resolution to approve the continuation or resumption of remote meetings the time period for such, even if it is until further notice. I have attached, as an example, the TAC resolution regarding remote meetings. Please note that the last sentence of the resolution is applicable only to WSTA and the TAC since neither body is required to conduct hearings in person, but may elect to do so. Additionally, the TAC has decided to require the meeting for the election of officers to be conducted in-person rather than remotely.  Otherwise, the TAC, upon majority vote, will continue with remote meetings.  

Amending Chapter 2 of City code Remote Participation

CARF - Amending Chapter 2 of City Code Participation

Final Resolution Remote Participation

The following boards/commissions advise the Winston-Salem City Council about specific issues of city government. The volunteer members of these boards/commissions serve a maximum of two consecutive terms and help make important decisions about government policies, distribution of community resources, and the provision of services to residents.

Serving on one of them will offer you an opportunity to understand how your local government works and allow you to make a direct contribution to improving our community. To apply for a position on a board or commission, call the mayor's office at 336-727-2058 or email the mayor's office.

Submit a Boards and Commissions application online.