Oil & Water Don't Mix

An Oily Sheen Can Be Seen in the Water on the StreetOil dumped down storm drains contaminates our water.

Recycle Motor Oil

Please recycle all used motor oil. If you change your own motor oil, protect our environment by recycling this valuable resource. Take your used motor oil to your nearest collection center, such as 3RC The EnviroStation, located at:
1401 S Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

In addition, many service stations, lube centers or automotive stores will also take used motor oil for recycling.

Quick Facts

  • Oil and water do not mix.
  • Oil disposed of into a storm drain or drainage ditch will flow, untreated, into the closest stream or creek.
  • One quart of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water. One quart of motor oil creates an oil slick the size of eight football fields.
  • Storm drains are pipes that remove rain water from our streets and then flow directly to the closest creek or stream.