Medicare Advantage PPO

2024 Medicare Advantage Plan

Effective 1-1-2022, the Medicare Advantage plan began being administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC (BCBSNC). 

If you are currently enrolled in the plan and wish to continue enrollment, you are not required to anything additional. 

  • The City will continue to pay the monthly BCBSNC Medicare premium for retirees. 
  • The monthly premium for spouse of retirees is only $5.00, which must be paid directly to BCBSNC. (This is a reduction from $12.08, which was the 2023 monthly premium for spouses)
  • Both retirees and spouses of retirees must continue their Medicare Part A and Part B coverage in order to continue enrollment in the City’s BCBSNC Medicare plan. 
  • To determine eligibility for participation in the City’s Medicare plan, review the presentation: Eligibility of retiree health insurance and Medicare 

For more information on the BCBSNC Medicare PPO plan, review the below information. 

For more information on the BCBSNC Medicare Pharmacy Benefits, review the below information.

For information on when and how to enroll in Medicare, contact Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP). SHIIP counsels Medicare beneficiaries about Medicare, Medicare supplements, and Medicare Advantage plans throughout North Carolina. Click on this link to access the SHIIP webpage: Medicare and Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP). To speak with volunteers with the Forsyth County SHIIP coordinating site, call 336-748-0217. 

You can also visit if you have questions about Medicare Part A and Part B. 

As always, Human Resources Department is available to answer question. We may be reached at 336-747-6800 or