SudSafe Car Wash Kits

Non-Polluting Car Wash SignThe average driveway car wash uses about 160 gallons of water, if you leave the hose running. After removing oil, grease and rust for the vehicle with soaps that contain dyes and phenols, you end up with 160 gallons of waste water more toxic then the stuff you flushed down the commode this morning!

SudSafe Car Wash Kit Program

The City of Winston-Salem’s Stormwater/Erosion Control Department is pleased to announce a SudSafe Carwash Kit program. Groups planning to have a fund-raising car wash can now "borrow” a kit that includes everything that you will need to divert polluted runoff from the storm drain system.

Kit Items

The SudSafe Carwash Kit contains a metal hook, tub, safety cones, hose, and pump to divert the car wash runoff to either the sanitary sewer system or to a grassy area (where some of the toxins will settle out in the soil, before the water flows into the nearest creek or stream).

Reserve a Kit

If you would like to reserve a kit for your next fundraising car wash, call 336-747-6960 and plan your environmentally-friendly car wash!