Stormwater Quiz

Stormwater Runoff Quiz

Answer the following as either true or false:

  1. There is the same amount of water on the earth today that there was a million years ago.
  2. Most people in North America get their water from wells.
  3. The city's storm drain system empties into the sanitary sewer system.
  4. Watershed and drainage basin are not the same things.
  5. Water stabilizes the earth's temperature.
  6. Used motor oil is the number one pollutant found in surface water.
  7. Wetlands provide a valuable environmental function by filtering out sediment, cushioning the coast from storms and floods. Also, they are breeding grounds for birds, fish and mammals.
  8. A curve or bend in the river is called an meander.
  9. The Clean Water Act, the cornerstone of surface water protection, became law in 1940.
  10. Less the 1% of the earth’s surface water is available for human consumption.
  11. Clean water is everyone’s responsibility.

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