Spring Park Infrastructure Project

The Spring Park Infrastructure Improvement Project will address erosion and stormwater issues in Spring Park that are threatening to undermine West End Boulevard.

Project Goals

The project will:

  • Replace undersized drainage pipes that channel rainwater from surrounding streets into the stream in the park
  • Restore the stream banks that are eroding in the park
  • Stabilize the stream banks to prevent future erosion

Other goals of the project are to improve water quality, enhance community aesthetics and enhance aquatic habitat. Roadway improvements to West End Boulevard will also be completed as a part of this project.


The work is being performed by North State Environmental Incorporated, a company that specializes in stream restoration projects. North State Environmental is based in Winston-Salem and has completed projects throughout the United States.

Project Elements

The construction work includes replacement of or improvements to various elements.

Storm Drainage System

Storm drainage infrastructure is undersized and in disrepair from Sixth Street to West End Boulevard and will be replaced as part of this project. The existing pipe discharge location will be extended beyond eroded stream banks. Additional curb inlets will be installed on West End Boulevard to reduce excessive runoff in the travel lanes. This work will be performed within the public right of way or easements obtained from property owners.

Stream Stabilization & Stream Restoration

The streambank stabilization and stream restoration portion of this project is located between the 300 block of West End Boulevard and North Broad Street. Excessive runoff is continually eroding the stream embankment and threatening the structural integrity of West End Boulevard. The project involves re-establishing and stabilizing approximately 500 linear feet of stream. This work includes

  • Grading severely eroded creek banks
  • Installing erosion control measures
  • Installing grade control (natural stone) structures
  • Planting native plants (trees, shrubs, and plugs)
  • Removing trees
  • Reseeding

Roadway Improvements

Roadway improvements will include a new road surface on West End Boulevard and new curbing and guardrails on the stream side of the roadway.

Tree Removal & New Planting

This project includes removing trees in the stream and slope stabilization area.  Native type trees, shrubs and wetland plants will be placed as part of the project. Tree types include:

  • American Beech
  • Oaks
  • Black Gum
  • River Birch
  • Persimmon
  • Sycamore

A total of 150 new trees will be installed. New trees will be installed with structural soil tree pits to foster tree root growth.

Sequence of Work

The project will occur as follows:

  1. Project mobilization began in late May and included surveying, installing erosion control measures, creation of a construction entrance, and clearing and grubbing.
  2. During June and July, work will concentrate on upgrading the stormwater drainage system.
  3. From July into September, work will shift to stream restoration.
  4. When the stream restoration is completed, West End Boulevard will be milled, new curb and gutter will be installed, sidewalks and driveways will be repaired, West End Boulevard will be resurfaced, and new guardrails installed.

The tentative project schedule calls for work to be completed in October 2018, provided there are no significant delays due to weather or unanticipated complications in the project. View the projected schedule for each project element (PDF).


For more information on this project, email Todd M. Love, City of Winston-Salem Stormwater Division, or call him at 336-734-1318.

Spring Park Project Overview Map