Procurement Guidelines

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Purchasing Department encourages vendors to actively participate in all contracting and purchasing opportunities. The procurement activities are in accordance with the applicable North Carolina General Statutes, City/County policies and procedures, ordinances, and Federal rules and regulations.

It is the policy of Winston-Salem /Forsyth County to prohibit discrimination against any person or business in pursuit of these opportunities on the basis of race, color, sex, religion or national origin and to conduct its contracting and purchasing programs so as to prevent such discrimination.

Establishing a Vendor

The tasks provide a path to establishing a Vendor relationship or purchasing surplus items (auctions):

  1. Register as a Vendor
  2. Sign up to receive update notifications of the "Bids" page (go here then scroll to bottom)
  3. Review Policies and Procedures for Vendors:
    1. Ethics Policy (PDF)
    2. City of Winston-Salem Terms and Conditions
  4. Bid procedure
  5. Monitor Bid and Auction Opportunities page
  6. Click on Bid documentation link for Bid instructions and requirements
  7. Contact Buyer for additional information and to request a Bid document.
  8. When Invitation to Bid is received, review requirements and specifications carefully, paying particular attention to dates and deadlines.
  9. Questions regarding bid specifications must be emailed to buyer. Questions regarding bid specifications may not be answered over the phone.
  10. Submitted Bids must be submitted in the manner outlined in the associated bidding document and delivered no later than time specified.
  11. Bidders are welcome to attend the bid opening, but attendance is not required. Bidders who choose not to attend may request a bid tabulation by contacting the buyer after the bids have been opened.
  12. New vendors will need to supply a W-9 and other documents depending on the nature of the work.


Used vehicles, equipment, and general goods that have exceeded their useful life are periodically sold at auction. Auction Information is posted at least ten days before the date of the auction on the Bid and Auction Opportunities page. To see details regarding the Auction, visit the Bids page.

You can also review these opportunities on the GovDeals website and on the Rogers Realty and Action website. If you would like email notification of upcoming auctions or you have an interest in specific items, email your request to Steve Wuthrich.