Citizens' Capital Needs Committee


  • 5 p.m.
  • Weekly on Thursdays


Method of Appointment

The Committee shall be composed of up to ten members plus a Chairperson for a total of up to 11 members, who shall be residents of the City, approved by City Council, upon recommendation of the Mayor. Each Council Member should nominate at least one member to ensure that a broad geographic representation on the Committee is achieved.

Terms of Office

Each appointee shall serve from appointment until the required report is completed to the satisfaction of City Council. Any vacancy occurring prior to project completion shall remain vacant; therefore, should attrition reduce the number of members to fewer than the original number, the number needed to meet a quorum would be reduced as well. The members of the Committee shall serve without compensation.

Chief Staff Person

Ben Rowe
Assistant City Manager
Phone: 336-747-7381

NameRace & Gender
Glenn Orr, Jr. (Chairperson)White Male
Gayle AndersonWhite Female
Mark DunnaganWhite Male
Charles FernandezHispanic Male
Jimmy FlytheWhite Male
Nicole LittleBlack Female
Amy Taylor NorthWhite Female
Walter "Wrennie" Pitt, Jr.White Male
Billy RichBlack Male
April Ruffin-AdamsBlack Female
Malishai WoodburyBlack Female

Authority for Creation

The Authority for establishing the Citizens' Capital Needs Committee was created by a resolution adopted by the Council on August 21, 2017.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Citizens' Capital Needs Committee shall be to review and evaluate currently identified Capital Projects, prioritize the total list of viable projects within each category, review the City's debt capacity and financial capability to repay the bond debt, and present a recommendation to the Mayor and City Council by December 18, 2017.