Award of Excellence

An Award of Excellence is granted to those Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) that have distinguished themselves by achieving perfect compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal pretreatment standards and requirements during one calendar year.

Achieving all effluent quality standards typically requires more than just a properly designed, operated, and maintained pretreatment system. A carefully written and executed slug control plan and pollution prevention strategies are also very important, requiring training and active participation throughout the organization. Significant time and attention must be devoted to address all permit self-monitoring and reporting requirements. Compliance is also determined through unannounced sampling and inspections by city staff. Thus, those SIUs that have met the Award of Excellence criteria have devoted a lot of time, effort, and attention into obtaining this standard of excellence.

We acknowledge and thank the award winners for their hard work, dedications and environmental stewardship. We congratulate them for their attainment of this level of performance and encourage the continuation of their efforts to improve effluent quality and to protect and conserve our water resources.