Discharge Permits & Fees

Permission is required for any discharge of industrial wastewater into the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities wastewater collection system. Several different permits are issued based on the nature of the business, the volume and the characteristics of wastewater to be discharged.

Our program is also involved in the approval of discharges of hauled septage waste at Archie Elledge Wastewater Treatment Facility, an approved receiving station. The process for obtaining a discharge permit varies for different types of users.

The different types of users are:

  • Commercial User Permit
  • Pump and Haul Approval
  • Septage Permit
  • Significant Industrial User (SIU) Permit
  • Special Wastewater Discharge Approval

Permit Fees

All users determined to need a permit shall pay a permit development fee and shall be charged for requests for permit modifications. Permit fees authorized are listed in the following chart:

Types of user PermitsCost
Commercial User Permit  
Industrial User Permit with Metal or Conventional Pollutant Limits
Permit Modification (At User’s Request)  
Septage Permit Fee
$250 Per Year
Significant Industrial User (SIU) Permit with Categorical Limits