During 2018, the Winston-Salem Police Department K-9 Unit had the following results:

  • 121 Suspect Apprehensions
  • 56 Tactical Applications
  • 44 Building/Area Searches for Suspects
  • 83 Evidence/Article Searches
  • 19 K-9 Foot Patrol/Property Checks
  • 446 Tracks for Evidence, Property or Persons

The following seizures were made in 2018:

seized ItemAmount / Number SeizedDollar Value
Marijuana20.67 kilograms$254,424.73
Methamphetamine4.39 grams$1,097.50
Cocaine Powder14.70 kilograms$1,462,529.60
Cocaine Rock100.65 grams$12,581.25
Heroin3.34 kilograms$792,376.50
MDMA (Ecstasy)35.51 doses$5,853.01