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1. What was the original $12 million investment in the project used for?
2. Why were there not more safeguards in the original agreement?
3. Did the city receive any legal advice in drafting/reviewing the original agreement?
4. Where did the $12 million in city funds in the original agreement come from? Did it include taxpayer funds?
5. What has the city already agreed to fund in the Phase II mixed use commercial development adjacent to the stadium?
6. Why expand the scope of stadium in a tightening credit market?
7. Why didn’t the developer come forward sooner to inform the city of the increases in cost?
8. Why can’t the developer put more of his personal funds into the stadium?
9. Is Flip going to receive any of the city funds?
10. What are the specifics on the $1.3 million loan from the Millennium Fund?
11. Is the city helping small businesses and/or homeowners that are facing foreclosure in this economy?
12. Can the city be more transparent and disclose all documents?