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Housing Survey - Interior Conditions

  1. Was your home built before 1978?*
  2. Do you have any roof leaks at this time?*
  3. Do fuses blow or breakers trip?*
  4. Do you have enough light fixtures?*
  5. Do all of the light fixtures work?*
  6. Do all of the electrical outlets work? *
  7. Do you have enough electrical outlets? *
  8. Do any of your kitchen faucets or pipes leak?*
  9. Do any of your bathroom faucets, pipes or toilets leak? *
  10. Is the paint inside your home peeling and cracking? *
  11. Is the insulation in your home adequate?*
  12. Do any of your faucets, pipes or toilets drain slowly or back up?*
  13. Do you think the heating/cooling system in your home is adequate?*
  14. Does your home have a smoke alarm? *
  15. Does your home have a carbon monoxide (CO2) alarm? *
  16. Are any of your floors uneven or sagging?*
  17. Do you own or rent your home?*
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