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Fire Department

  1. Citizen Fire Academy Application
  2. Fire Protection System Impairment Request

    For notifying of Fire Protection System Impariments

  3. Firefighter Position Interest

    This is a form to collect potential recruits while not in the open enrollment phase.

  4. Main Fire Form
  5. Public Education PreTest/PostTest
  6. Public Records Request Form
  7. Request Fire Inspection For Work Done

    Request a partial or final Fire Inspection in relation to an active permitted project.

  8. Temporary Promotion Survey
  1. Fire Inspection Report Request

    Request for a report of a fire inspection previously conducted at an address.

  2. Fire Report Request
  3. Hiring Test and Hazardous Materials Team Survey
  4. Occupancy Load Request

    Request form for Occupancy Load Certificate

  5. Public Education Request

    Request a station tour, fair or festival appearance, special training and more with the Winston-Salem Fire Department.

  6. Report Non-Emergency Fire Issue

    For the reporting of non-emergency fire issues / complaints.

  7. Smoke Alarm Request
  8. WSFD Honor Guard Appearance Request

    The mission of the Winston-Salem Fire Department Honor Guard is to provide honor, dignity and respect for our fallen brothers and... More…