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Hiring Test and Hazardous Materials Team Survey

  1. Does your department use an applicant written test as part of its new-hire selection process?
  2. Are test questions fire-based or general knowledge (reading, math, etc.)?*
  3. Was an assessment of a firefighter’s job responsibilities conducted before the test material was developed or an acceptable score was determined?*
  4. Is an applicant’s written test score part of a composite score calculation (combined with an interview or ability test score, etc.) or is the written test score only used as a pass/fail determinant?*
  5. Is there a study guide or practice test available?*
    Check all that apply
  6. Does the department provide the resources (Study Guide / Practice Test / Other) or is the applicant responsible for purchasing or otherwise acquiring it/them?*
  7. Does your department use a psychological exam/personality profile/similar as part of the hiring process?*
    Check all that apply
  8. Does your department have a hazardous materials response team? *
    For the purpose of this survey, a hazardous materials response team is defined as having sufficient 24-hour on-duty staff, equipment, and training to operate at the technician or specialist level and handle 90% of hazmat incidents occurring in your jurisdiction without the need to request resources from a mutual aid department or the state.
  9. Please list the FEMA Resource Type for your department's hazardous materials team.*
  10. Are there any challenges getting competent and motivated personnel interested in a hazmat assignment?*
  11. Is the on-duty team located at a single fire station?*
  12. Is the hazmat team contracted for service, through an interlocal agreement or other pre-payment or fee-for-service arrangement, to provide hazmat response services to another unit of local government or to a private entity? *
    *If your hazmat team responds as a mutual aid provider to another unit of local government without compensation, select “no.” *If your hazmat team is an RRT that responds outside of your jurisdiction only at the request of NCEM, select “no.”
  13. Does your department provide an incentive, monetary or otherwise, for hazmat team members?*
  14. Is the incentive provided to all hazmat technicians and specialists or only those currently assigned to the hazmat team?*
  15. Does your department provide an incentive for any other specialty assignment, such as assignment to a rescue company or a dive team?*
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