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New Construction and Fire Suppression Inspection

  1. Complete the required sections of this form in order to request a Fire Inspection for a permitted project.

    For questions, please contact 336-734-1290 or e-mail

  2. Building Permit # / AP# / FD#
  3. Have you reviewed and complied with the instructions provided when your plans were approved?*
    Refer to
  4. Additional work done for any of the following systems
    Select all that apply
  5. For inspections with specific scheduling requirements. WSFD will attempt to accommodate scheduling needs, within reason.
  6. Knox Box*
    Has a Knox brand lock bock been acquired / installed at the site?
  7. Access control plans must be submitted separately but can be inspected at the time of final.
  8. Inspection Contact
    There must be someone to meet the inspector on-site at the time of inspection
  9. - All Inspection requests are processed with the information received.
  10. - Allow 1-2 business days Fire Department Representative to contact the information provided.
  11. - Allow at least 5 business day lead-time between inspection scheduling and inspection date
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