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Miller Park Improvement Project Comment Form

  1. Area Relative Importance
    Please rate what you consider to be the relative importance of each area, review the Visual Preference Survey (PDF) for images of each area, using the following scale:
    • 1: Most Urgent
    • 2: Urgent
    • 3: Least Urgent
  2. Structural (Cracked & Uneven Pavement, Building Repair, Etc.)
  3. Safety (Tree Roots, Restrooms, Bench Repairs, Etc.)
  4. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Restrooms, Walking Paths, Etc.)
  5. Middle Ground (Pathways, Parking Lots, Etc.)
  6. Lighting Strategy (Shelters, Parking Lots, Walking Paths, Etc.)
  7. Hazardous (Poison Ivy, Erosion, Etc.)
  8. Accessibility (Playground, Dirt & Paved Trails, Etc.)
  9. Way-finding (Directional Signs, Information Signs, Etc.)
  10. Hierarchy
  11. Character / Aesthetics (Garbage Cans, Benches, Electrical Boxes, Etc.)
  12. Historic Preservation (Stone Steps, Shelters, Stone Walkways, Etc.)
  13. Programming (Playgrounds, Softball, Events, Etc.)
  14. Education (Outdoor Information, Plants, Etc.)
  15. Environmental Protection (Erosion, Natural Areas, Etc.)
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