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City Sustainability Feedback Survey

  1. Rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, how important you think it is for our community to address the following sustainability topics. One means "not important at all," while five means "absolutely essential." You will also be able to comment on your ratings at the bottom and mention any specific efforts you may like to see in the city or why certain topics are important to you.
  2. Climate & Energy
    This includes an emphasis on energy efficiency improvements and energy conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and climate adaptation efforts.
  3. Waste
    This includes recycling and general waste reduction efforts.
  4. Transportation
    This includes EV infrastructure improvements.
  5. Social Equity
    This includes making sure all residents have access to the same services and amenities.
  6. Health & Safety
    This includes concerns about health and safety that could be impacted by things like indoor and/or outdoor air quality, proximity to natural hazard threats and access to healthy food options.
  7. Environmental Improvements
    This includes consideration of green spaces like parks and greenways and improving tree canopy.
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